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Biblical Survival Training - Learn to Discern, pt. 1

November 25th, 2019

Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their Biblical Survival Training Bible study at the Ersatz Coffee Shop with a FASCINATING look at discernment and why it is KEY to surviving in this world and even the next! During "normal" times, God's people need to learn to discern wisely so they won't get deceived by people or spiritual enemies. In the last days, the Bible says discernment will be a MAJOR need because deception will run rampant. Check out the start of this new, hot two-parter!

Biblical Survival Training - What To Know!

November 15th, 2019

Financial Crash! EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) warfare! Solar Flares! Civil Strife! Terrorism! There is no end to the threats that face humanity. Are you prepared? Preparedness is a BIG industry today - products and blogs and videos ad infinitum! Okay, so let's start with the basics - WHAT TO KNOW! Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry start a short series on Biblical Survival Training and YOU are invited to listen and prep. Let the guys know what you think of this series. Email and leave your (polite) comment! Thanks!

God Loves A Righteous Nag

November 8th, 2019

Did you know God loves a righteous nag? Seriously! He wants you to keep after Him, nag him, be a NOODGE (Yiddish for "pest")! I'm not kidding...look it up...Luke 18:1-8. See? So stop kvetching (complaining), start listening, and go after God with ALL your heart in prayer...and DON'T give up.

Will Jesus Bless You Or Curse You?

November 1st, 2019

WOW! Okay, so that's a topic. What's that all about? Well, in this podcast Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry talk about covenants and the consequences of either obeying or disobeying. The hard, cold fact? We can bring God's curse on us or invite His blessing. Intrigued? Take a listen...

To Stay or Flee? Holding on to Jesus In Tough Situations

October 28th, 2019

Influential Christians have recently walked away from Jesus. Some have done it quietly and others have publicly repudiated their faith. Some have faced such tough situations they've taken their own lives. What is going on? How could this happen? Are we challenged with the same disillusionment or discouragement? In the midst of a crisis of faith are we faced with the appealing idea of walking away, perhaps even ending it all? Take a breath. Pause. Then take a few moments with Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they ponder this very difficult topic.

Women in Ministry - pt. 9 - “A Case for Women Elders/Deacons?”

October 18th, 2019

We reach the end of our remarkable series on Women in Ministry. In this episode, Jay the Truth Barista takes on the topic of Women as Elders and Deacons. To some churches, this is no big deal. For other churches, this is HERESY! Take a listen and you'll be surprised at what Paul (the supposed misogynist) has to say about women in these very important spiritual care functions.

Women In Ministry - pt. 8, 1 Timothy 2:11-15

October 11th, 2019

Once again Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry tackle Paul's tough commands regarding women...or is it just a woman Paul is concerned about? Why is it important that silence is kept? And no teaching? And what about this weird thing about "...she will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with good sense" (verse 15). Welllllll, you'll just have to listen!

Women In Ministry - pt. 7, SILENCE! NO TEACHING or AUTHORITY

October 5th, 2019

Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry continue their Friday coffee break Bible study on Women in Ministry by going through Apostle Paul's advice to his protege' Pastor Tim regarding an unruly woman in his congregation. What was meant to be a personal correction to a disruptive ill-informed teacher has been mistakenly applied to Christian women in general. Check it out!

Women In Ministry - pt. 6, SILENCE! NO TEACHING or AUTHORITY

September 27th, 2019

Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry move on to another problem scripture found in 1 Timothy, "but with good works, as is proper for women who profess to worship God. A woman is to learn quietly with full submission. I do not allow a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; instead, she is to remain quiet." (1 Timothy 2:10-12) WHAT? All women are to shut up when in church? They are to remain silent and submissive? Well, take a listen to find out how to unravel this very difficult passage!

Women In Ministry - pt. 5, Headcoverings?

September 19th, 2019

Man, talk about weird interpretations! Because people have read Apostle Paul from a 21st c. perspective instead of a 1st c. perspective, HALF of the church has been greatly affected for almosts 2,000 years. As a result, women have been prohibited from exercising their God-given gifts of teaching, preaching, sharing, even serving in leadership! Join Jay the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry as they dig into Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 11) regarding this remarkable subject. free!

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