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When Is It God’s Call Or Just Narcissism? (pt 1)


One of the BIGGEST drives in people's lives is the desire for significance. No one wants to feel insignificant. To some degree, we all want to believe we're making some sort of impact in life. But this desire is greatly amplified and twisted when coupled with narcissism. Here's your definition of NARCISSISM (American Heritage Dictionary): "A personality disorder characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, and lack of empathy."

This is a dangerous combination in the fellowship of Jesus' followers (the church). Many "Seek God's call on their lives." Rightly so, because He has called us to a life with Him and service to others. But the search for significance often DRIVES some Christians to distraction to find out what that specific call is. Even worse, when narcissism is added to the mix, this intensified drive turns its focus from God to the person. And now we have a real problem. Take a listen and really think - is my desire for ministry out of love for Jesus or self-centered narcissism?

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