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So…Where DO We Go When We Die?


Undeniable truth of life! Barring Jesus' return, there ain't nobody getting out of this life alive! Yes, everybody WILL eventually die. Watch a movie you saw as a young kid and note how many of those actors and actresses are now gone! When we're young, most of us think we're invincible and indestructible. Then reality hits! A family member or a close friend dies. If it's and untimely death in our eyes, that is they seemed way too young, the reality check is often very distressing. Then comes the question...Where do we go when we die? The Bible has the answer. However, to many Christians, even the Bible seems unclear. Heaven, Paradise, Abraham's Bosom, Hell, Gehenna, Sheol, the Pit - how many heavens and hells are there anyway! Take a listen as the Truth Barista shows how all of these names come together in one afterlife with two choices. Curious?

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