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Over The Rainbow - “God Can Change You!” - Luca Grappoli, pt 1


There is hope for us all! God can change what people say CAN'T be changed. God can control what people say CAN'T be controlled. God wins! For decades we have heard LGBT(etc.) advocates proclaim as the unchangeable nature of homosexuality so we just better tolerate it, accept it, embrace it, and celebrate it! Wrong! Their "unchangeable" argument doesn't hold water as long as there are people transformed by the power of God in Jesus! Take a listen to Luca Groppoli's testimony. This two-part series is powerful! And if you are struggling with homosexuality, may the Lord's power give you the transformed life you've been praying for. Oh...and let the Truth Barista know how these episodes have affected you. (You can find Luca Jo Groppoli on Facebook.)

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