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Kingdom Truths from Jesus’ Parables - “Be Prepared For Jesus’ Return!”


Yeah, a lot of people joke about Jesus coming back...and in a really bad mood. But Jesus' return is no joke. He clearly taught that after a time away with His Father, He would return as Israel's King. Jesus said that there would be a waiting period from the time He left and His return and likened it to a 1st c. wedding celebration and the accompanying bridal attendants - the Ten Virgins. They knew the bridegroom was on his way, but how were they supposed to handle a "delay"? The point of the parable is BE PREPARED! But what does that mean? This question is even more crucial for us as we see the clear signs of Jesus' return - Israel's rebirth, Jerusalem coming under Jewish control, and the earthly events Jesus shares in Matthew 24 (and the other Gospels). How are we to be prepared for His return and not be excluded from His kingdom?

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