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Holy Spirit - The Power of the Holy Spirit!


From the very start of creation, God has shown His mind-blowing POWER! Throughout the Bible, the Lord acts in power on behalf of His people. The 10 Plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, manna in the wilderness for FORTY YEARS, miraculous victories in war, numerous healings, pillars of fire, raising the dead, and on and on! When Jesus came to reveal God's ultimate way into His kingdom, He not only spoke of His Father's kingdom but acted in great power as EVIDENCE of His Father's kingdom. God's power is the norm for His kingdom. As His subjects, we have access to Jesus' power through the Holy Spirit. In fact, Jesus commissions us and expects us to walk in His power as we live in His kingdom from day to day! BUT...many in the church are afraid to step out in faith to exercise the Lord's great power. Challenged? Take a listen!

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