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Holy Spirit - Did the Power of God Stop?


Cessationism, a fancy-schmancy word for "stopping" as in ceasing. You: "Well, that's a mighty big word, Truth Barista! What does it mean and why bring it up?" Truth Barista: Glad you asked! Cessationism is "the view that the “miracle gifts” of tongues and healing have ceased—that the end of the apostolic age brought about a cessation of the miracles associated with that age. Most cessationists believe that, while God can and still does perform miracles today, the Holy Spirit no longer uses individuals to perform miraculous signs." ( In spite of the fact that the power of the Holy Spirit is still moving today, there are some well-meaning Christians that don't believe it BECAUSE all that was just to kick-start the church and establish the Bible as the Word of God. Is that the TRUTH? Listen and judge for yourself!

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