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Dividing Israel’s…Umm…God’s Land. (Are You SURE You Want To Tick Off God?) Part 1


THIS IS AMAZING! Do you ever wonder if God is actively involved in the affairs of this world? To PROVE IT, all you have to do is study the mind-blowing correlation between the U.S. pressuring Israel for a peace deal and MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR natural disasters that hit at the same time! The Truth Barista's very special guest is BILL KOENIG, White House correspondent, author of Eye To Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,  and host of the website As Israel concludes the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem returning to their hands and starts their 70th birthday year, we are in a powerful prophetic nexus! Check out the Frothy Thoughts of your Truth Barista for an article with the details.

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