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Where Are The Noahs of the Day?

March 15th, 2019

As we watch Western society continue its moral downhill race to the bottom, could we expect God to raise up men and women of great integrity, virtue, and faith? Will we see people who will be a testimony against the unrighteous moral collapse and proclaim the reality of a righteous God? Will we see people who have worked hard to remain unstained from the world. It may seem to be impossible, but God specializes in the impossible. As the Bible repeatedly shows, illustrated by Noah, when things grow dark in an age of putrescence, God lifts a light. Take a listen!

Matter of Conscience (Halal Meat Example)

March 8th, 2019

With the influx of refugees and immigrants from Islamic countries, Muslim communities are growing throughout the United States. Similar to Jewish kosher laws, Islamic law (shariah law) has its dietary requirements. One requirement is meat must be slaughtered according to certain ritual and standards making it halal.

According to "Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible.” In terms of food, it means food that is permissible according to Islamic law. For meat to be certified “halal,” it cannot be a forbidden cut (such as meat from hindquarters) or animal (such as pork.)" You can find the requirements here: As you read, the halal process involves pronouncing Allah's name during the slaughter making it a defacto sacrifice. So, is halal meat permissible to Christians who are commanded to "not eat meat offered to idols" (Acts 15:20)? Or does this fall under Apostle Paul's "Matters of Conscience" (1 Corinthians 8, 10)? This is a fascinating and challenging discussion!

2019 February Update on Israel - Bridges For Peace

March 3rd, 2019

Lennie Allen, national field director for Bridges For Peace (USA office) joins the Truth Barista and Amazing Larry for an AMAZING update on events in Israel and Bridges For Peace's work this year. Take a listen and be ENCOURAGED! So EXCITING!

“Shhhhh…It’s a mystery!” (What are mysteries in the Bible?)

February 15th, 2019

When people find it hard to explain something they often call it a MYSTERY. To many of us, a mystery is something we can't know or something God doesn't want us to know about. Well, that ain't necessarily so. There are LOTS of mysteries in the Bible and God DOES want us to know what they are and what they mean. Mysteries are SUPPOSED to be their own time and the way God wants us to. Take a listen to this new way of looking at mysteries. It'll open up the Bible to you in new ways!

Over The Rainbow - “God Can Change You!” - Luca Grappoli, pt 2

February 8th, 2019

Wow, what a series this is! There is a battle in our culture over "conversion therapy" and whether gays or lesbians or gender confused people can actually change their thinking and feelings to match their biologically-determined gender. The loudest voices say, "NO!" But all it takes is one person who has "been there" to testify to God's awesome transforming power to bring down the "NO!" argument. And there are increasing numbers of former LGBT people speaking out about how God has changed them. Are there struggles? Don't we all struggle with thoughts, feelings, and life issues? The Good News is God forgives, cleanses, heals and changes ALL who will come to Him and He will help them line up with His design for them! Check out Luca's interview!

Over The Rainbow - “God Can Change You!” - Luca Grappoli, pt 1

February 3rd, 2019

There is hope for us all! God can change what people say CAN'T be changed. God can control what people say CAN'T be controlled. God wins! For decades we have heard LGBT(etc.) advocates proclaim as the unchangeable nature of homosexuality so we just better tolerate it, accept it, embrace it, and celebrate it! Wrong! Their "unchangeable" argument doesn't hold water as long as there are people transformed by the power of God in Jesus! Take a listen to Luca Groppoli's testimony. This two-part series is powerful! And if you are struggling with homosexuality, may the Lord's power give you the transformed life you've been praying for. Oh...and let the Truth Barista know how these episodes have affected you. (You can find Luca Jo Groppoli on Facebook.)

Kingdom Truths from Jesus’ Parables - “Invitations and Wedding Crashers”

January 25th, 2019

This parable reveals some very powerful things! Put bluntly, if you don't want to come into God's kingdom, you don't have to. However, the repercussions are terrible. But God's invitation is not for an elite group of people, but for EVERYONE! However, we don't "get into the wedding" on our terms, but His! Take a listen to this familiar parable for some amazing insights!

Kingdom Truths from Jesus’ Parables - “Be Productive ‘Til Jesus Returns!”

January 18th, 2019

The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Okay, what the heck is a talent? "A talent of silver contained 3,000 shekels ( Exodus 38:25 Exodus 38:26 ), and was equal to 94 3/7 lbs. avoirdupois. The Greek talent, however, as in the LXX., was only 82 1/4 lbs." ( WOW! That's a lot of silver! The Master certainly wasn't skimping when he entrusted such a large amount to his servants. Jesus also gives us tremendous amounts of "talent" and asks us to use them to bring Him a return on His investment in us. What does that mean? Why does Jesus link being productive with His return? Listen for a fresh take on this well-known parable!

Kingdom Truths from Jesus’ Parables - “Be Prepared For Jesus’ Return!”

January 10th, 2019

Yeah, a lot of people joke about Jesus coming back...and in a really bad mood. But Jesus' return is no joke. He clearly taught that after a time away with His Father, He would return as Israel's King. Jesus said that there would be a waiting period from the time He left and His return and likened it to a 1st c. wedding celebration and the accompanying bridal attendants - the Ten Virgins. They knew the bridegroom was on his way, but how were they supposed to handle a "delay"? The point of the parable is BE PREPARED! But what does that mean? This question is even more crucial for us as we see the clear signs of Jesus' return - Israel's rebirth, Jerusalem coming under Jewish control, and the earthly events Jesus shares in Matthew 24 (and the other Gospels). How are we to be prepared for His return and not be excluded from His kingdom?

Kingdom Truths from Jesus’ Parables - “God’s Gracious Pay For Joining His Workers!”

January 4th, 2019

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers - How many times have you heard children objecting like this - "Hey! He got more than me! That's not FAIR!!" And then the fight is on. When we receive what we haven't earned, that's grace. When someone decides to do something nice for another "just because", that's grace. Some Christians serve the Lord for many years before they die and enter God's heavenly realm. Others live like hell on earth only to give their last remaining few years, months, days, even minutes to the Lord and receive God's kingdom in the same full measure that Jesus' long-time servants receive. This parable is not about how much we do, but that we join the kingdom. Yes, there are rewards that come to us for what we have done as disciples in this life. But ALL believers receiver the same kingdom regardless of when in life they embrace Jesus. Take a listen and be encouraged!

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