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The Mark of the Beast from a Jewish Context, pt 1


Okay, we've all heard about it (well, most of us have!)...the dreaded MARK OF THE BEAST. That awful 666 number...or barcode...or wait, maybe RFID chip...or...WHAT IS IT ANYWAY? Before you get all twisted up over the evangelical, westernized Super AntiChrist Boogeyman symbol of absolute power (thanks Left Behind series!) maybe we should back up and take another look at it. Rather than trying to figure this enigmatic mark out from a 21st c. perspective, maybe we can look at it from John's perspective, i.e. Jewish. We have more than enough info to discern not necessarily what it IS, but more importantly, HOW IT FUNCTIONS and WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE. Get ready for a fascinating two-part series from Jay, the Truth Barista!

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